About us

Our logo and name reflect our market area. We cover the northernmost parts of Europe and thrive in Norway under arctic skies, or arches if you like.

Hence the Arctic and our name surrounded with an arch.

We operate within the entire building and construction market, hence Building & Construction.

Arctic - Logo

The arch in our logo also reflects our history, Reinertsen Poland, which was founded in 2010. When Reinertsen AS sold the building and construction business to Veidekke AS in 2015, Kaare Nordbø took over the Polish subsidiary, changed its name to Concretum and continued operations towards new contractors in Norway and Iceland.

Management and ownership were strengthened when Ragnar Reitan became an owner and the Arctic group corporate structure was established in 2017. Ragnar Reitan joined the management of the company from 01.01.2018. 

We are proud of our history and have set a goal to further develop the business based on this.

We are Arctic Building & Construction – your best subcontractor!

+47 95 12 01 05